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1) Firstly, please fill in the required information in registration form below. Then, click the ‘SUBMIT’ button to submit the completed form to us.

2) You will receive a notification email within 3 working days after your registration is accepted by us.

3) After registration, you can start placing orders with special B2B discount offered by H.O.D. Please make sure that you log-in to your membership account to receive the discount.



1) B2B Membership at H.O.D is FREE for life.

2) B2B Member Privilege:
– Purchase of 30 units (of any H.O.D furniture): 10% discount
– Purchase of 31-50 units and above (of any H.O.D furniture): 15% discount
– Purchase of 51 units and above (of any H.O.D furniture): 20% discount
– For new B2B member, you will receive a welcome 10% discount code via email on top of the discounts above. 

3) Minimum Order Quantity (of any single H.O.D furniture): 30 units

4) For incomplete registration, we shall email you for further information.

5) We reserve the right to terminate the membership at anytime if it is found fraudulent and contains fake information.

6) Contact us at connect@hodesign.co if you have any queries.


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